Spiritual Solution | Go Within


No matter what the problem or challenge you are facing in your life know this, you have your own answer within yourself. We are a society that looks for the answer to everything outside of ourselves. We do not trust ourselves to find our own answers. There is a spiritual solution to what you are facing, you just need to be willing to search for it.

The news of the day is the suicide of Robin Williams, a talented actor, a person with all the outward signs of success, wealth, fame and what most would only dream about having in their lives. Obviously, it wasn’t enough.

What I have that he didn’t? Peace of mind and a few simple tools to allow me to handle whatever life throws at me. Pretty valuable stuff I guess, something money can not buy. Yet, something you can easily acquire.

Everything you face, everyone in your life are there to help you grow and evolve. They are there to help you choose to work on the situation not in the physical world where you have no control, but instead to find the spiritual solution to life.

When I began to see all my life situations as being perfect for my growth, they began to have less power over me. I did not have to react as I had in the past. instead I could finally accept life on Life’s terms. From this place of acceptance I now had a chance to find true peace of mind, no matter what I was facing.

No longer was the question “WHY” so important, I don’t need all the answers. I could focus instead on the solution to what I face.

“Who Am I” in regards to this situation became a way to take control of my life, to create my response to life as it is, not just how I think it should be.

The Spiritual Solution to your problems will bring you Peace. From a place of peace you can then “Go Within” to find your own answers.

I touched briefly above on one of the keys to finding your own answers to the questions life brings you; the matter of trusting yourself. It is definitely a process to gain this self-trust in becoming willing to listen for and act on what you hear from yourself.

The simplest tools I have found to get in touch with my “Inner Knowing” is through meditation and writing in my journal.

I have found asking myself simple questions in my journal opens me up to answers that constantly amaze me. Usually answers that are simple and practical.

Sometimes the most powerful answer is “Do Nothing.”

Often the answer is not in what you have to DO, but in WHO you choose to BE.