Mental Fitness 2.0 Week 1

Lesson – “Vision of Health”

Welcome to your Mental Fitness 2.0 training program. We look forward to supporting you through this powerful opportunity to begin your process of personal transformation. Creating improved health is just as much, if not more, of a mental process as it is a physical one. As you go through this program you will notice your thoughts become clearer and of a more positive nature which will help you to make better health choices. In addition you will be creating your “Vision of Health” which will lead you into a more personal and powerful picture of your health and the lifestyle you are looking to create.

All too often the typical models of improved health only look at the physical side of the equation and totally overlook the power of your mind and the control it has in all aspects of your health. If you look back on all the periods of time and energy you have spent in various programs of health and wellness through the years and what eventually caused you to give up on them, you will see that it always began with your thoughts in one form or another.

This program was designed to help you gain clarity of purpose on improving your health in all areas of your life. From this balanced perspective you will be able to set up a clear “Health Plan of Action” on how you will achieve your health goals.

Creating both your “Vision of Health” and your “Health Plan of Action” will give you valuable tools you can use to both motivate yourself and help you to keep taking daily steps in achieving your goals. Add to that a number of ways we have set up in the program to keep you accountable to both yourself and to another person will provide you with the support you need in order to keep you on course throughout the program and beyond.

This program will benefit you regardless of whether or not you are in a current program of health and fitness or not. I feel that it is a great way to prepare yourself mentally for any physical activities you are planning on in the near future. As you move through this program you will begin to experience the power you can create for yourself when you bring together your mind and body working together towards improved health and well-being.

Through this program you are going to work on creating a more balanced lifestyle focused around a number of key areas of your life. Creating a Healthy Lifestyle is much more than just about your diet and exercise program. You will see how by working towards a holistic approach to your health that takes into account not only the physical and mental aspect, but also such important areas such as your finances and your time management you will be able to accomplish more while reducing your levels of stress that most people have around time and money.

You will learn the importance of Self-Love and how by practicing this one powerful principle in your life you can transform all of your relationships and how you experience them, regardless of what other people are saying or doing. That through your daily practice of Self-Love you will be able to begin taking positive actions based on your new perspective of life you will be discovering through this process of growth and transformation.

A key aspect to training your mind is to learn how to “turn it off” so that you can immediately make room for new positive thoughts and feelings. Most people go through life with their minds in action most of the time. You get so caught up in the “mental chatter” of what has already happened or has yet to happen that you make no room for what is going on in your present moment.

Through this program you are going to be exposed to a number of tools you can begin using which will help you to quiet your mind down enough to let in new information which you can start to use to makes positive change in your life and health.

One of the most important thing you can do in order to make any positive change in your life is to get clear of where your starting point is. From there you can begin to create a picture of where you intend to go. This is no different in any area of your life, including your health.

Through this next process you are going to look at a number of areas in your life and see both where you are at currently and then you will create a picture of where you would love to see yourself in a year from now.

You will find that the clearer your picture of this future goal, the more motivation it will give you in order to take the required action steps to achieve it.

I hope you will make the time necessary for this portion of the program as it may well be the most important part of this process of improving your health.

Let’s discuss a few of the areas you are going to want to look at. Feel free to add some of your own if you wish.

  1. Food Choices
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Peace of Mind
  4. Energy
  5. Health and Wellness
  6. Attitude
  7. Abundance
  8. Self-Love
  9. Your Vision

You are going to take time to look at each of these areas in your life and then you create a mental picture of what this looks like for you and how you will feel experiencing this level of Health in your life. And most importantly; what action steps you are willing to take in these areas to move you closer to the healthy lifestyle you deserve. The great thing about this process is that you are in total control of what actions or choices you will make towards your health.

You will see it does not have to be about making major changes in any one area, it is about creating some simple positive habits that over time will produce the healthy lifestyle you may have only (if ever) dreamed about.

As you answer the following questions know that you are setting the stage for a new phase of your life that is not tied to any choices you have made in the past. Know also that the choices you make today can and will affect the rest of your life. Choose wisely J

As you move through the following section please do not judge yourself too harshly for any area you feel you may not have achieved what you think is your ideal goal. This is a process of observation only, to see where you are currently. One of the key tools of this entire program, which will lead you to more peace of mind is Acceptance for “what is.”

In his book “The Slight Edge” author Jeff Olson shared a valuable principle on how you can accomplish more and have improved success. It is that by taking small, daily steps, over time you will have created new habits and behaviors that you may not have been willing to do if you had to do them all at once.

Take for instance many of the highly restrictive “Fad Diets” out there. Some of them want you to do so much, so fast that you are unwilling to stick with them over the long term. Our approach is the exact opposite, to make small changes over time.

Take for instance Sodas (Diet or Regular), for many people they have been drinking these for so long and if you were told to stop “Cold Turkey” many would resist or go back to drinking them after a short period of time. On the other hand if you were to first limit yourself to just one a day at first, most would be willing to do that. From there getting down to one a few days a week and then complete abstinence from sodas would not be such a challenge.

You can do this with all the different areas of life in your “Vision of Health.” Just start making small changes in each of them and after an extended period of time (take one year) you will see significant progress in all the areas you are working on.

As you keep this up you will soon find that you have created a number of new “Positive Healthy Habits” and will be moving closer to a Healthy Lifestyle.

What used to be a challenge for you will become your new “normal.”

By taking the time to build up to a new level of health in these various areas you will find it much easier to maintain them than if you rushed to reach these new levels of success in your health.


I want to come back to your Mindset; as it is the main component to this program.

When I think of the word mindset I like to see it as an overall Positive Mental Attitude; the word positive being the operative word.

This is why I will share with you various ways you can improve your thoughts throughout your day. It may sound like a simple plan; yet from my experience it will take discipline to develop a more positive overall attitude and mindset. For many you will have to start and stop a number of times until you begin to see the results this dedication will provide you.

What you fill your mind with will determine your overall mindset. Take for instance someone who consistently watches hours of television every day. The majority of shows (especially the news) are mostly of a negative nature. There is really so little value to be had from them. The majority of shows are nothing but a way to escape from life for a short period of time.

I know that when you invest the time each day to work on your mindset your days will go much smoother with less challenges cropping up.

I know that if you are like the vast majority of people you spend by far more time thinking about negative things than positive ones. Unfortunately that is just human nature. For those of you who want to make the biggest gains in your life you are going to want to learn new thought processes which will increase the time you spend with positive thoughts and feelings throughout the day.

We will be sharing with you over the course of this program a number of tools and techniques you can use each day to achieve an overall improved mental attitude and reduce your stress levels so you can attain more peace of mind.

Stress is by far one of the most damaging processes you can go through. Stress will cause a number of problems in your life, both physically and mentally. It is our goal to help you reduce the amount of stress you face each day. Fortunately it can be a relatively simple process as you will find out later in the program.

The key to your success in this program will come about through your willingness to make changes in your health.

Your willingness to achieve improved health will make itself known through you actions. I have said for years that willingness is really an action step more than a state of mind.

I can look back on many times in my life when I said I wanted something and kept making progress towards achieving it. I can also look back and see where I said I wanted something, but was unwilling to do what was necessary in order to get it. What happened was somewhere along the way I lost my willingness.

Here is the good news about willingness. You can have it one moment, lose it again and choose to get it back again all in a short period of time. Just because you may have had set backs in the past in looking to get healthier does not mean you cannot recommit yourself to your goals once again.

Sometimes I see this happen to me on a daily basis, especially in regards to my food choices. I can be eating well for most of the day and then I get home late and my mind tells me I should eat something. The problem is I am more likely to just reach first and think if it was good for me afterwards. Has that ever happened to you? Mostly it is a case of being undisciplined rather than just choosing something not as healthy.

I have found a solution to the binge food choices I make. It is planning ahead of time what I will have. Another way to choose wisely more often is to get rid of all the foods you know are not healthy for you. Clean out your refrigerator and cupboards of the foods that are not in your health plan. If there are no temptations handy it is a good chance you will not fall out of your plan unless you purposely go out of your way to.

Part of this process of gaining willingness to improve your health is making these tough decisions and sticking with them.

Sometimes we are only willing up to a point. I met one of my trainers in the park today for a park workout with a number of other people. I was willing to work out; I just wasn’t willing to put in my full effort. I did all the exercises, I just didn’t do them all to 100% effort.

You will see that part of how I set up my programs gives you this option. You may choose to take it easy if you are not feeling totally up to a hard workout. The reason I go with that philosophy is that it is better to be 80% willing to show up and do some work than to be unwilling to show up at all. Will you get more when you give 100% all the time in your life? Absolutely you will, however most of us are not always ready to give it our all.

Be willing to show up in your life each day and you will make steady progress. I see many people give up rather than just show up and do the best you are capable of each day. I look at the person who shows up and takes it easy for a short period as far ahead of the one who just chooses to stay home because they were not feeling 100% ready to at least try to get in a workout of some sort.

You have covered quite a bit of ground here this first week of your Mental Fitness 2.0 program.

You have learned a number of key factors which when you put into place for a length of time will produce positive results in your life.

You have created a Vision of Health, which you can use to keep focus on the important aspects of your health and wellness.

Now, you are ready to move into the next phase of this program where you will explore a number of important areas around which you can begin to immediately start improving your health and well-being.

For those of you who were just sampling the program for the 7-Day Trial you can join either the 90-Day Program or the Full Year Program


Weekly Action Steps 1:


It is best to have a notebook or journal you can use throughout this program to keep track of your answers and to write about whatever comes up as you are going through this course.

In your journal or notebook please write down your answers to the following questions in each area being discussed.

Food Choices:

One of the quickest ways you can have the greatest impact on your health is through your diet and the nutrition you ingest, which for most people will come through the choices you make with the food you eat.

If you were to rate your diet on a 1-10 scale where do you feel you are currently at with your food choices?

What parts of your diet and nutrition are working?

What food/drink/substances do you know you should cut back on or eliminate from your diet?

What are you willing to do immediately to improve your health in regards to your food choices?

Write a statement that describes your food choices in 1 year from today.

For instance “I am enjoying my new healthy diet, now that I am no longer drinking sodas and am drinking more water each day. I feel my body is easily detoxifying itself of the effects of unwanted substances.”

Physical Activity:

Regular exercise or physical activity, in any form, is always going to help improve your health. It will improve you mobility, your cardiovascular performance and has many other positive benefits.

If you were to rate your current level of exercise on a scale of 1-10, what would you rate it?

How are you currently exercising or engaging in other physical activity?

What would you like to be able to do in 1 year?

What are you willing to do immediately to improve your level of physical activity?

Write a statement that describes your physical activity in 1 year from today.


For instance “I am feeling energized now that I am walking 3 miles, 4 days a week and doing regular stretching exercises 3 days per week. I have seen my mobility, flexibility and endurance increase to where I can easily and pain free touch my toes.”

Peace of Mind:

Increased peace of mind is the state where you are no longer in a constant state of turmoil or stress. There are a number of ways you can increase your level of peace of mind while enjoying more relaxation in your life.

What areas of your life are causing you to feel stress?

What do you currently do or have done in the past that is relaxing?

What are you willing to do immediately to help reduce stress in your life?

How would your life be different if you were not feeling stress?

Describe your level of peace of mind in 1 year?

For instance ”I am enjoying the peace in my life now that I have reduced the amount of TV I watch and am now reading more positive books and taking relaxing hikes in the park on a regular basis.”



Your energy levels are going to a large extent determine how effective you are in life. When you are constantly tired, worn out or otherwise in a negative state you will find your motivation to do things also is reduced.

How would you rate your energy level on a scale of 1-10 on most days?

What activities do you engage in which make you feel good?

How many hours of sleep do you typically get?

What things or people in your life tend to drain your energy?

What are you willing do more of or less of in order to increase your energy levels?

Describe your energy level in 1 year from today.

For example “I am enjoying increased energy and aliveness now that I am sleeping a full 8 hours each night and have begun to meditate each day.”

Health and Wellness:

Your health and wellness is about how you are feeling in life.

On a scale of 1-0 how would you rate your overall health and wellness?

What physical or mental limitations are you currently experiencing if any?

What condition would you like to see no longer impact you?

How can you see your health improving?

What are you willing to experience differently in the next year?

Describe your health and wellness 1 year from today.

For instance “I am feeling my energy and mobility improving now that I am now living free of pain.”


How you see life and respond to the situations you experience are going to determine how well you enjoy life. When you are able to keep a positive mental attitude, regardless of what you face you will see immediate results and experience greater joy.

How would you rate your attitude on a scale of 1-10?

What characteristics to do have that help you move positively through your day?

What characteristics do you have that seem to keep coming up that you would like to change?

What are you willing to do immediately to help reduce your negative characteristics?

Describe how you would like to see your attitude in 1 year from today.

For example “I am enjoying my new level of patience and how it lets me enjoy spending time with people.”



Abundance is about so much more than just the amount of money you are receiving. It is about how you allow in the whole of life to positively affect you.

On a scale of 1-10 rate your current level of abundance.

Where do you see the abundance in your life?

What area would you prefer to see an increased abundance in?

What are you willing to do immediately to experience more abundance in your life?

Describe how you would like to experience abundance in 1 year.

For instance “I am enjoying an increase in my monthly income from my part time business. My life is more enriched through the knowledge I have acquired working with my mentor.”

Self-Love is…the Answer:

When you love yourself more fully you will automatically begin to make new choices in your life that will allow you experience your life from a totally new perspective. A perspective that is life supporting to you and opens you up to the power of the universe.

On a scale of 1-10 rate your current expression of Self-Love.

What actions do you take that are loving towards yourself?

What actions or behaviors do you have that are self- defeating?

What are you willing to do immediately to increase your level of Self-Love?

Describe how you will feel in 1 year when you are regularly practicing actions of a Self-Loving nature.

For instance “I am feeling a new level of self-worth and self-respect for myself and my body since I quit drinking alcohol and stopping smoking.”

Your Vision of Health:

Through this process you have identified where you feel you stand in each of these areas. You have seen what is working for you and what you feel needs to change. You have also made a list of action steps you can take, that you are willing to take in order to improve your health. You have also described with feelings how your life will be in one year after you have taken these action steps and created a number of new positive healthy habits in your life.

Areas of Change:                                                               Your Action Steps:

  1. Food Choices:                                       List Your Answers from Above
  2. Physical Activity:
  3. Peace of Mind:
  4. Energy:
  5. Health and Wellness:
  6. Attitude:
  7. Abundance:
  8. Self-Love:
  9. Your Vision of Life:

Look at your answers to “What you are willing to do immediately” and insert them above for each area.

These are things you have already identified as things you are willing to change in your life. You do not have to do them all at once, perhaps work on one each month to start.

Next take your answers to “Describe how your life will be in 1 year” from each area and put them all together as a statement of your life in one year. This will be used in creating your new Health “Plan of Action”

“I am enjoying my new healthy food choices, now that I am no longer drinking sodas and am drinking more water each day. I feel my body is easily detoxifying itself of the effects of unwanted substances.”

“I am feeling energized now that I am walking 3 miles, 4 days a week and doing regular stretching exercises 3 days per week. I have seen my mobility and flexibility increase to where I easily can pain free touch my toes.”

instance ”I am enjoying the peace in my life now that I have reduced the amount of TV I watch and am now reading more positive books and taking relaxing hikes at the park on a regular basis.”

“I am enjoying increased energy and aliveness now that I am sleeping a full 8 hours each night and have begun to meditate each day.”

“I am enjoying my new level of patience and how it lets me enjoy spending time with people.”

“I am enjoying an increase in my monthly income from my part time business. My life is more enriched through the knowledge I have acquired working with my mentor.”

“I am feel a new level of self-worth and self-respect for myself and my body since I quit drinking alcohol and stopping smoking.”

Using the above descriptions of your life create a story one year from today of how you see yourself living this new healthy lifestyle. Be as descriptive as possible. Feel the increase energy and health you are experiencing from a point of view as it has already happened.

This is your new “Vision of Health” enjoy the process and make time each day to review it and feel the power of it in your life.

Pause and Review:

Take a day and just spend some time with what you have written and discovered to this point before moving on to the next section.

Sometimes we get so busy jumping from task to task that we can miss out on letting lessons we are learning have time to really sink in and digest them fully.

Asking yourself the following question will help you to become more aware of where you would like to see your life head in the near future. Too often you can get so caught up in what’s going on in your life that you never plan to take it where you desire. Getting caught up in life can keep you from moving forward in new, more enjoyable directions.

Weekly Action Steps 2:


In your journal or notebook, please answer the following questions.

Healthy Lifestyle Questions:

Now let’s take this process a step farther and look at other areas of your life.

Where would you like to see your life in 3 years?

Where would you love to live? Why?

What would the relationships in your life look like? These can be existing relationships or new ones.

If you could change any aspect of your life, what would it be? Why?

What would be your ideal work or business be? Why is this important to you?

How would you like to live your life in retirement? What would you be doing? What would be different?

What does a prosperous lifestyle look like to you?

What would you have to change to have the above?

Write a new story of your life in three years.

The above questions and the story you write about them in conjunction with your answers from your “Vision of Health” are a vital part of creating a new, healthier lifestyle.

Simplicity is one of the keys to this program. When you try and do too much in too many areas at one time it is easy to get discouraged and to give up. Getting started and having success in one area will give you the confidence to tackle other areas.

From your “Vision of Health”, pick one area that you would like to see some improvement over the next week. For instance in your Food Choices.

In your “Vision of Health” you had wrote down what you are currently willing to do as far as your food choices go. Over the next week, see if you stick to your plan around food or not.

Over the following weeks you will be focusing on the other areas also.

Through this process you will have a chance to see and create a “Health Plan of Action” to help keep you on track and to see where you can make improvements.

Over the course of this program you will be using your “Vision of Health” and “Health Plan of Action” on a regular basis. The more familiar you become with this process the easier it will be for you to get back on track in case you go back to some of your old behaviors or attitudes.

I have found that I have become more successful in making major accomplishments in my life when I was willing to become accountable. For some reason, we just tend to be willing to do more for others than for ourselves.

If you want to make even greater improvements you will want to become accountable, not just to yourself, but to another person.

Simply rate how your overall week went on whichever area you were working on and let me know what worked and what didn’t. You can reach me on my website.


Week 1 Daily Practice:


Daily Practice is how you can take information such as you are receiving here and incorporating them into your daily living to begin creating positive healthy habits which will serve you throughout your life.

What I consider Daily Practice are those activities which you will find bring value to your life and become your “Daily Habits” that will become part of your everyday life.

You will want to take your answers to your questions from “Vision of Health” and the Healthy Lifestyle Questions and transfer them to an easy to read Word document for easy future reference as they will provide you with the areas you will want to begin using in your daily practice.


  1. Throughout the week re-read the entire week material.
  2. Review your answers to the “Vision of Health” questions.
  3. Review your answers to the Healthy Lifestyle questions.
  4. In your notebook or journal, write about your experiences with the course on a daily basis. How does it feel? Where are you resisting? What changes are you noticing?
  5. Throughout the week you are going to work on your Food Choices from the “Vision of Health” and OBSERVE your behaviors in that area throughout the week. Were you aware of both your positive and negative actions in regards to this area? Did you notice improvements throughout the week?



Suggestions for achieving the greatest benefits from this Program:


  1. Read through the entire weekly lesson on the first day to get a feel for what is required of you for the week.
  2. In the first day or two complete the first of the weekly action steps.
  3. Take a day off to review and reflect on the first part of the weekly lesson.
  4. After the rest day complete the second weekly action steps.
  5. If you have not started, begin the weekly daily practice section and continue it for the rest of the week.

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About the Program and Creator of Mental Fitness 2.0

Mental Fitness 2.0 came about through seeing a need in helping people gain a deeper understanding of the value of living a healthier lifestyle. A lifestyle which takes in more than just your physical health, but a holistic approach that looks at how the mental and spiritual aspects of health can be an even more positive impact on your overall health and well-being.

Using my personal experiences and teachings from the many sources I have been exposed to over the years I wanted to share some of the simple tools I use in my life to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

It is my desire that you enjoy and use what is available here to live a healthier lifestyle.

Peace to You!

Mark A. Michael

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