Plan, Do, Check & Adjust


Many of you have had big goals in your life, you set up a plan for achieving the goal and days, weeks, months and possibly years went by and you found you had reached the wrong destination. Where did you go wrong?

“Recalculating Your Route” Many have heard these words come from your handy GPS unit as you took a wrong turn along the way or decided to take an alternate route to your destination.

Your plan no matter how well thought out or executed in the early stages can be a fail-safe for the uncanny way life has of taking you down alternate routes over time. Perhaps it is a new relationship that takes your focus off of the goal. Maybe it is a nice inheritance that makes the goal seem less important than the trips and toys you can now buy from your petty change drawer. Or perhaps, a major illness that changes all your priorities in life.

But more often than not it will be some of the more common reason that will distract you, such as, complacency, lack of discipline, or the big one for many of us, FEAR.

If you have any hope of achieving your goal or dream then you must go farther than just planning and jumping into action and expect the rewards you desire.

CHECK; Two things are important at this stage.

1. A regular schedule of reviewing where you are.  Like with the directions from your trusty GPS unit, getting to your destination requires you going from Point A to Point B to Point C and so on until you reach your destination. Regular reviews NEED to be in your original PLAN. A good tip would be to have regular, weekly and monthly time set aside to check you plan and see how you are doing in following it, based on your results.

2. An accountability partner is essential in helping you keep on course. It is harder to get lost when you have someone keeping track of your progress. Who do you have in your life that you both trust and respect enough to support you in reaching your goal? A friend, a business partner or coach are all good starting points in finding someone who can keep you accountable. I have found that many people are more willing to be accountable and get more accomplished than when they are their own accountability partner. It seems we are more willing to let ourselves down than other people.

ADJUST; Life happens, as noted above in many forms that can take you away from your original plan. Making adjustments can be simple or hard, depending on how far off course you have gone. The sooner you catch your self off course the easier it is to get back on track. That is where the review and accountability come into play, they will help you from getting too far off course.

Be willing to change your plans or make whatever adjustments are necessary, the goal is what is important to reach, not how you got there.

Another old saying that comes to me is “When the Intention is Clear, the Mechanism Will Appear.” Meaning, again, that the destination is what is important, not the HOW of getting there.

If you find you are struggling to reach your dream or goal, you may want to “Recalculate Your Route.” on a more regular basis.



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Spiritual Solution | Go Within


No matter what the problem or challenge you are facing in your life know this, you have your own answer within yourself. We are a society that looks for the answer to everything outside of ourselves. We do not trust ourselves to find our own answers. There is a spiritual solution to what you are facing, you just need to be willing to search for it.

The news of the day is the suicide of Robin Williams, a talented actor, a person with all the outward signs of success, wealth, fame and what most would only dream about having in their lives. Obviously, it wasn’t enough.

What I have that he didn’t? Peace of mind and a few simple tools to allow me to handle whatever life throws at me. Pretty valuable stuff I guess, something money can not buy. Yet, something you can easily acquire.

Everything you face, everyone in your life are there to help you grow and evolve. They are there to help you choose to work on the situation not in the physical world where you have no control, but instead to find the spiritual solution to life.

When I began to see all my life situations as being perfect for my growth, they began to have less power over me. I did not have to react as I had in the past. instead I could finally accept life on Life’s terms. From this place of acceptance I now had a chance to find true peace of mind, no matter what I was facing.

No longer was the question “WHY” so important, I don’t need all the answers. I could focus instead on the solution to what I face.

“Who Am I” in regards to this situation became a way to take control of my life, to create my response to life as it is, not just how I think it should be.

The Spiritual Solution to your problems will bring you Peace. From a place of peace you can then “Go Within” to find your own answers.

I touched briefly above on one of the keys to finding your own answers to the questions life brings you; the matter of trusting yourself. It is definitely a process to gain this self-trust in becoming willing to listen for and act on what you hear from yourself.

The simplest tools I have found to get in touch with my “Inner Knowing” is through meditation and writing in my journal.

I have found asking myself simple questions in my journal opens me up to answers that constantly amaze me. Usually answers that are simple and practical.

Sometimes the most powerful answer is “Do Nothing.”

Often the answer is not in what you have to DO, but in WHO you choose to BE.









Just BE!


Just BE!

The main focus for so many people is in what you are doing in your life, the problem with this is you are setting yourself up for pain and frustration every day. When instead you just choose to BE, say happy or peaceful or contented you now have complete control over your life.

It’s not your fault; you were raised this way and it is as if society demands you to be constantly doing something or trying to achieve something and you worth is determined by these values. The question I ask of you is “How is this working for you?”

Are you one of the millions (billions) struggling to just get by in life, to provide for your family in a manner in which both your needs and wants are being met?

As you look at your life how much happiness and satisfaction and you experiencing in your relationships, with your job or with your finances?

A time for change is at hand. A change that you decide on.

When you just decide to JUST BE, say happy or peaceful or joyous or any other of a number of states of beingness you now open your life up to a new perspective. A perspective that will now guide your days not by what you are doing, instead by how you are being.

Just think how different your relationships will be when your focus is on being happy with the people in your life instead of by what they think of you and what you are doing for them.

Just think of how different your job will be when your focus is on your satisfaction of a job well done rather than on just getting through the day so you can collect a paycheck.

Just think how different your finances will be when your focus is enjoying the abundance in your life rather than on just the balance of your checkbook.

The beauty of this new way of life is that nothing you are experiencing in the world needs to be different, only your view if it.

Yes, there are many things in your life that you may choose to change, but nothing needs to change, other than your perspective and your state of being.

Here is a quick way you can begin to bring the experience of being rather than doing into your daily experience. Look at your life and choose a person or situation that you have had continued challenges with in your past, that occurs on a regular basis and decide to now BE rather than DO around this situation. Perhaps it is your negative reaction to something at work for example. Choose over the next week to instead of getting caught up in the negativity you instead choose to be peaceful around this subject, no matter what is occurring. You do not have to change what you are doing, just your attitude about it. So instead of making a comment to a co-worker, instead just smile and go about your duties. I know, it may feel difficult and uncomfortable for a bit, however it is just a week, right?

What changed in this example? Not the people or the situations, just how you are choosing to BE.

It is a new way to live life and so much easier. Once you learn how to make this simple shift in one area of life you can begin expanding it to more and more of the events in life you are faced with. Then see the difference you will enjoy in the overall quality of your life.