Living a Healthy Lifestyle begins with a choice, the choice to heal and be free, regardless of any physical limitations you may be experiencing.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a Body-Mind-Spiritual Experience, there is a connection that needs to be made on all levels to fully experience the freedom that comes from health and healing.

The Spiritual Solution to our problems is the only answer that will lead to any long term peace and happiness. Willingness to allow for a spiritual experience opens the door a new perspective, one which can wash away all the negativity from our past. Self-Love is the Answer and the Action that will guide your future.

Do you find the typical gym model does not work for you? I find that for us older 50+ people (or those who are not physically active or have physical limitations) our needs are different and are not always supported fully at most gyms. Working out at high intensity and high impact or sticking to a highly restrictive food program right from the start just does not work for us. Starting where you are at and keeping your food program simple is something anyone can be successful at right from the start.

Reading a good book of personal or spiritual development (self-help) is one of the best ways I have found to help me bring my mind back towards a more positive direction during times of pain. There are many books out there on any topic that may be troubling you that will help you gain a new perspective of the situation and give you the tools necessary to help you change the situation.


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