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To sum up Who I Am in as short of a description as possible, would be to describe myself as a Seeker of the Higher Truths of life. A person who uses the experiences of my life to find a deeper meaning than just the “Normal” experiences we all face, such as work, money and relationships.

How can this benefit you?

Hopefully by being able to share with you, to remind you of the tools and processes of life I have found to be successful in my life that you can use in yours to help you lead a more peaceful and productive life, without the years of searching.

I have been in 12 Step Recovery Programs (GA & AA) for a number of years and use the recovery process throughout my life and sharing these powerful tools with others.

I am familiar with and practice from “A Course In Miracles” and find the lessons a valuable tool in my life.

I have been reading and studying the messages from “Conversations With God” by Neale Donald Walsch for a number of years and have found the messages to be a great guide for healthy living.




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