The Goal is Peace


You may be asking yourself why Peace is the Goal of a Healthier Lifestyle. It is simple, from a state of peace, everything you desire is possible.

Letting go of your fears is simpler than your thought, it is simply letting go of your thoughts. When you get caught up into fears you are caught, either in the past over what happened or in the future over what may come to pass, or NOT!

Most people have it all in reverse, it is your feelings which cause your thoughts. Rather than feeling the fear which comes up as a result of the events in your life and releasing those negative feelings most of us hang on to the negative feelings and then get caught up in the endless loop of negative thoughts that follow which allows the fear to build up, causing even more negative feelings.

Not only having a set of tools you can use immediately to help you from getting caught up in this endless chain of negativity both in thought and feeling is the purpose of this training program.

Helping you gain the knowledge, understanding and use of these simple and powerful tools is the goal of this training program. Without the regular daily use of these tools the knowledge is useless.

“The Goal is Peace”

Creating Positive Healthy Habits, which you use daily are the key to this training program.

Weight Loss is readily achievable once you move from fear of the affects excess weight has on you to an acceptance of yourself, regardless of your weight.

Increasing Your Physical Activity becomes a regular part of your daily lifestyle as you commit to your health and well-being.

Reduced Stress is a natural part of the process ofa more balanced way of life.

More Time and Money will be more readily available as you learn the lessons of abundance and practice a more disciplined way of life.

Improved Relationships will result from living your life from a more Self-Loving space.

Creating and living from your personal “Vision of Health” and following your “Health Plan of Action” will insure your Improved Health becomes the priority which will guide your life in the future.

“If not now, When?”

Your life gets busier, life’s challenges keep coming at you, the years pass and your health slowly deteriorates and finally you have no choice but to improve your health or face years of pain and frustration.

Unless…you take action now, before you are left with few good choice. Making your health a priority now, before your body deteriorates is the answer.

“If nothing were to change with your Health, where will you be in Five Years, 10 Years or 20 Years?”

This is the question you NEED to ask yourself immediately, the answer is motivating to say the least.

Peace is the state you achieve when you release your Fears

The Mental Fitness 2.0 Program will guide you through this process of releasing your fears and stepping into this process of growth and understanding which will allow you to find the peace and health you desire. No longer will you be at the mercy of your negative thought process. You can finally gain a measure of control over Your Mind, Your Thoughts and Your Feelings.

Come join us over the next 90 days and explore the benefits of PEACE, in your life.

Mental Fitness 2.0

Plan, Do, Check & Adjust


Many of you have had big goals in your life, you set up a plan for achieving the goal and days, weeks, months and possibly years went by and you found you had reached the wrong destination. Where did you go wrong?

“Recalculating Your Route” Many have heard these words come from your handy GPS unit as you took a wrong turn along the way or decided to take an alternate route to your destination.

Your plan no matter how well thought out or executed in the early stages can be a fail-safe for the uncanny way life has of taking you down alternate routes over time. Perhaps it is a new relationship that takes your focus off of the goal. Maybe it is a nice inheritance that makes the goal seem less important than the trips and toys you can now buy from your petty change drawer. Or perhaps, a major illness that changes all your priorities in life.

But more often than not it will be some of the more common reason that will distract you, such as, complacency, lack of discipline, or the big one for many of us, FEAR.

If you have any hope of achieving your goal or dream then you must go farther than just planning and jumping into action and expect the rewards you desire.

CHECK; Two things are important at this stage.

1. A regular schedule of reviewing where you are.  Like with the directions from your trusty GPS unit, getting to your destination requires you going from Point A to Point B to Point C and so on until you reach your destination. Regular reviews NEED to be in your original PLAN. A good tip would be to have regular, weekly and monthly time set aside to check you plan and see how you are doing in following it, based on your results.

2. An accountability partner is essential in helping you keep on course. It is harder to get lost when you have someone keeping track of your progress. Who do you have in your life that you both trust and respect enough to support you in reaching your goal? A friend, a business partner or coach are all good starting points in finding someone who can keep you accountable. I have found that many people are more willing to be accountable and get more accomplished than when they are their own accountability partner. It seems we are more willing to let ourselves down than other people.

ADJUST; Life happens, as noted above in many forms that can take you away from your original plan. Making adjustments can be simple or hard, depending on how far off course you have gone. The sooner you catch your self off course the easier it is to get back on track. That is where the review and accountability come into play, they will help you from getting too far off course.

Be willing to change your plans or make whatever adjustments are necessary, the goal is what is important to reach, not how you got there.

Another old saying that comes to me is “When the Intention is Clear, the Mechanism Will Appear.” Meaning, again, that the destination is what is important, not the HOW of getting there.

If you find you are struggling to reach your dream or goal, you may want to “Recalculate Your Route.” on a more regular basis.



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